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Neo Regina Anna di Gran Bretagna

Image of the New Queen Anne of Great Britain 


   1702 - The birth of the Pila  

La mietitrice di Patrick Bell


   1826 - The  Mulino becomes a "company"

  • ScotlandPatrick Bell  builds the mechanical harvester

  • Joseph Nicéphore Niépce  takes the first photo in the world in France, using the heliography technique

  • February 2:  Wilhelm von Biela  discovers the  comet  3D / Biela

  • November 12: Fall of an asteroid a  Trenzano

  • James Fenimore Cooper  public  The last of the Mohicans

  • The Beginning of the Fourth  Russo-Persian War (1826-1828)

  • Battle of Arachova and Battle of El Tala

  • The  Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik la più  ancient magazine  of existing mathematics 

  • The Hachette French school publishing group is founded 

  • Caffarel is founded, a company specializing in confectionery production, creator of Gianduiotto and Cremini. From  1997 belonging to the group  Lindt & Sprüngli.

Patrick Bell's Harvester

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