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* Entrances are always allowed only upon reservation. We are reorganizing the visit arrangements, therefore at the moment we are unable to cope with the numerous requests. We ask you to have a little patience :)

and thank you for your cooperation.

The mill can be visited, subject to availability, any day of the year with a guided tour (both day and evening) that can be booked by writing to or by calling  +39 366 7404948 (also Whatsapp ). If you are in the area and you have not booked, try to contact us by phone anyway :) Some renovations are being completed unfortunately due to the Covid19 emergency: we have reopened the doors, but the combined activities are still suspended and we ask for a little patience if everything is not yet at its best.  The guided tour inside the mill takes about 1 hour .. but a lot depends on the curiosity of young and old visitors .. for us it is always a pleasure to show and tell the mill :-)

The Molino is private and has been saved and restored exclusively with the economic efforts of the owner family. Mill Hub Molino Maufet was recently born within it, an Association aimed at its protection and enhancement over time as well as being a dynamic and inclusive incubator of cultural experiences and  proactive. 

Access to the mill is allowed only accompanied. If you like, there will be a guided tour lasting about 45 min / 1 h for which a donation of 5 euros / adult is welcome to support the restoration and the initiatives of the Association. Free access for residents of Colico, children up to 12 years, over 70 and people with disabilities.

  CLICK HERE for  all the info  on the Sentiero dei Molini , the village of Villatico and the Torre di Fontanedo 
CLICK HERE for all the info on stays at the Molino


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Via Fontanedo 33, 23823 Colico (Lecco) - Italy

Tel. +39 366 7404948

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