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t or the  


From here in the future it will be possible to observe the wheels  exterior of the old mill. 

- Available soon-


 A SYMB OR REPEATED A  "... 432 Hz" ​ 

"How to observe the mill, if not with the eyes of the soul"   







There are infinite ways to observe an "inanimate creature" ...  can  look like a  fragile crystal like al  tough iron  of a hammer ... to a pale color as in the cool splendor of a touch of  paint. In fact, always and in any case you imagine,  meanings and above all "frequency". 

Between  dust e  rebirth, every single moment lived in the heart  del Mulino Maufet returns compassion and  emotion, the sense of a past time, but very present and current, akin to our living nature.   


(*) If you listen  a  music in the background .. it corresponds to the symbol repeated on the instruments of a humble and hard work, reiterated with courage and passion in the Molino room for over three hundred long years.  


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