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Discussion meetings - Go out on the territory

With Stefania Balzarotti and Elena Cadelli, green coach and ecotuner

ECOpsychology & Molino Maufet

Thing  does Ecopsychology have to do with Molino Maufet?

Try to answer these questions:

•   How can I change the way I feel and think about the Planet?

•   What is our role as “sapiens” in designing resilient communities?

•   What can I do to feel part of the earth again?

The vision of Ecopsychology is to promote a change from "ego" to "eco" where man is co-creator and no longer ... predator, a new paradigm that manifests itself in ecological relationships (of respect for the other from me, of non-judgment) and concretely in activities of territorial care, environmental protection, ethical use of resources.  

So to answer the first question, why Ecopsychology at Molino Maufet, let's say that ecopsychology teaches:

-   respect for the "spirit of the place" and for the ancestors

The recovery of Molino Maufet is an act of love of a young couple towards a place that was in danger of being lost and today its simple beauty celebrates life honoring those who lived there before.

-   research and return to common roots

Giving identity back to Molino Maufet (its history dates back more than 500 years ago) has meant for the territory to give continuity to a piece of history of the village of Villatico and its reconstruction is today poetry that sings the life of the past, reminding us that tomorrow is also remembering what we have been.

-   we are all connected and what we do to the earth (and its places) we do to ourselves

We like to think that the Molino Maufet - of which Claudia and Lorenzo had the vision by digging in the rubble of what was left to save fragments of memories - can also be a metaphor for the inner work that we can do to return to shine.  


Therefore, to act concretely in an “ecopsychological” way is also this: a regenerative living project, sustainable for all, which gives us a good example of how it is possible to enter into a conscious relationship with the environment that surrounds us.

Ecopsychology synthesizes visions of philosophers, ecologists, biologists, anthropologists who, in the exchange of knowledge, have been able to offer a new and broader vision of the relationship between man and nature. Let's talk about relationships first of all: nature, the environment, the landscape, the elements and other non-human forms of life that inhabit this planet are part of a complex relational system of which man is part and not the summit of a -  presumed - evolutionary pyramid: our species appeared much later than many others, trees for example, not to mention many animal species! We also speak of sensory reconnection with nature that opens us to recognize and contact our deepest identity, allows us to rekindle our innate biophilia, man's innate love for life and with it to feel part of a whole that it contains us but it is also bigger and more extended than us.  We talk about recognizing and thanking the generations that preceded us : our intelligence is the gift received from the generations that before us have grappled with the challenges of survival and thanks to ingenuity, trial and error.  and the ability to wisely use the gifts that nature offers they have biologically transmitted to us  talents,  ability, skill,  creativity that characterize our species and which in turn we will pass on to future generations, with responsibility and a vision of the future that will come beyond our lives.  We also speak, to quote the philosopher Arne Naess, father of Deep Ecology, of an idea of the perception of the Self that also includes the places , the specific geographies, the horizons in which one grew up: the Ecological Self. These boundaries are part of our individuality, of the perception of ourselves. That is why the places where life is experienced and grown up are so important, they are part of the story of each person as an individual and as a social group.

The history of Molino Maufet embraces in an exemplary way many views of ecopsychology: this is why we think it is an exceptional place from which to propose experiences  in which the invitation will be to reconnect to nature, to the spirit of the place (the genius loci) and to open up to relationships with others, human and non-human.

Stone milling offers a metaphor that can teach us a lot: it is a slow and sweet process that allows us to "blend" the individual components of one of nature's greatest gifts, wheat. While changing shape with the friction of the stone to turn into flour, the most important characteristics of the grain, its nutrients, the unique peculiarities of the various parts will in fact be preserved.

We look forward to seeing you at Molino Maufet for sensory explorations, wood baths and experiences of reconnection with the Nature of the mountains that embrace the Molino on the slopes of Monte Legnone while observing the lake. Soon !

Elena and Stefania


  • 15 Jun 2024, 19:00 – 23:00
    Molino Maufet, Via Fontanedo, 33, 23823 Colico LC, Italia
  • 18 May 2024, 09:00 – 19 May 2024, 18:00
    Borgo di Villatico (Colico), Via Fontanedo, 33, 23823 Colico Piano LC, Italia
    Molino Maufet, Molino Seregni e Molino Murgana aprono le loro porte unitamente alla Chiesa di San Bernardino e al Museo della Cultura Contadina! Borgo di Villatico (Colico - LC) - Lago di Como Per qualunque info & prenotazione visite: ‭+39 366 7404948‬ (anche Whatsapp)
  • 12 May 2024, 09:00 – 12:00
    Molino Maufet, Via Fontanedo, 33, 23823 Colico LC, Italia
    E' con grande piacere che ospiteremo al Molino la prima associazione culturale dei motociclisti valtellinesi in occasione della loro visita al Lago!
  • 22 Oct 2022, 10:30 – 17:50
    Villatico (Colico), Via Fontanedo, 33, 23823 Colico Piano LC, Italia
    Cosa la vita vuole da me? Cosa porto al mondo? Ampliare l'orizzonte, porsi le domande e trovare le risposte nella Natura di cui facciamo parte. Attività in natura per abitare la terra da umani consapevoli di essere parte della rete della vita.
  • 25 Sept 2022, 13:45 – 18:00
    Villatico (Colico), Via Fontanedo, 33, 23823 Colico Piano LC, Italia
    La natura come metafora delle connessioni che ci legano all'altro da noi, umano e non umano! Incontro nel giardino del Molino dove sperimentare attività di ecopsicologia per allenarci a sviluppare una relazione ecologica con la natura dentro e fuori di noi.
  • 12 Jun 2022, 09:40 – 17:00
    Villatico (Colico), Via Fontanedo, 33, 23823 Colico Piano LC, Italia
    Bagno di bosco e immersione sensoriale per abitare i nostri paesaggi emozionali attraverso elementi di natura (boschi, acque e montagna come specchio del nostro paesaggio interiore), attività creativa per far germogliare il nostro "fiore della vita".
  • 26 May 2022, 20:00 – 22:30
    c/o Molino Maufet, Via Fontanedo, 33, 23823 Colico Piano LC, Italia
    Diamo il benvenuto a Stefania Balzarotti ed Elena Cadelli, Green Coach & Ecotuner nello spazio di idee e confronto di Mill Hub. Si converserà di ecopsicologia e verranno presentate le attività sul territorio in calendario per le quali il Molino sarà il campo base.
Eventi Ecopsicologia
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