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Alessandro CABELLA

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Soon available


Alessandro Cabella, 21, began actively photographing in autumn 2015, driven by the curiosity that the exhibition of a well-known photographer from Val di Giüst had transmitted to him.

"I have always been attracted by the colors and contrasts of autumn that transformed the mountains of Val di Giüst (known to most as Valle Spluga or Val San Giacomo), one morning I thought that with a reflex I could immortalize those colors and be able to see them again every day of the year ".

From 2017 he began to photograph alpine landscapes and mountain architectures, gradually specializing as a self-taught in the most diverse and experimental photographic techniques, always attracted by the size of the mountain, in his photographs he almost always tries to contrast the grandeur of the mountain with respect to the presence of man.

From 2019, driven by his passions for architecture, hydroelectric plants, ski resorts and history, he began to collect in a large digital archive, historical photographic material initially inherent to hydroelectric works in Val di Lei, then expanding to everything he could be useful for passing on to future generations, the photographic history of the main locations of the Spluga Valley.

Architectures in the Alpine context
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