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Watermill & Guesthouse
Via Fontanedo 33,  Colico |  Fraction  Villatico  |
(Lecco  - Como Lake  - Italy) 
Welcome to the Molino Maufet, an ancient mill in modern times!

Choose your way to live the mill!


Come and discover the mill with your family, in a group or with the school


Spend some unforgettable days in the suggestive context of the mill


Plan your tailor-made event / course at the mill


Make the mill the unique location for your ideas



Molino Maufet is located in Località Villatico in Colico (LC) along the path of the Antica Roggia Molinaria which originates in Fontanedo, the first settlement in the town, dating back to 1100. The Molino Maufet was born in this period and precisely with a small visible construction upstream of the current historical complex.  


Even the Teresian Cadastre of 1718 gives traces of it thanks to a level contract, such as "Pila Site for Water Barley" owned by the Augustinian Friars of Gravedona, later taken over by the Sciucco family together with the Mill used instead for the grinding of Wheat and Maize .


There are traces of the mill complex also in the 19th century, a date still evident today on the architrave at the entrance. 

With the initials "MA BM" followed by "FEB 1826" the Sciucco family ceased the use of the pile, continuing the production activity with the mill.

On the façade it is possible to admire the recovered fresco of S. Cristina di Bolsena, protector of millers, celebrated on July 24th.

The mill, active until the sixties and abandoned due to the death of the last millers, called "the Maufets", is now owned by the Bettiga family, the same that has been involved in restoration, enhancement and historical research for years.

Welcome to Lake Como

Breathtaking views, villas, villages, mountains, art, nature ... But above all people, who make all this truly unique and unforgettable! All this beauty must be shared and lived, so we can't wait to leave! We are waiting for you to fill your soul with timeless stories and to make you know a territory that remains in your heart forever.

We are waiting for you on Lake Como! #LakeComo #LakeComoRestarts

Welcome to Lake Como

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