Perhaps not many know that in the old nucleus of Villatico (Frazione di Colico - Lecco), 12 mills were in operation in the past centuries. Their large wheels were moved by the water channeled into the "mill canal" and operated other simple machines that allowed them to beat or "full" fabrics and above all to grind grain.

Coming down from the Févra water you can see sections of canalization with skilfully connected stones, pillars that still support canals in stone slabs that conveyed the water on the wheels of the mills. In the space of a few decades, the presence of these brilliant and ecological machines has been (almost) canceled, which, using clean and renewable energy, have allowed local communities to live for almost a millennium.

The first dates back to 1239. A two-wheel mill or molestino is documented as early as 1627 and stood near the church and the wash house. This three-storey rural building, with a sunlit roof on the facade, housed the millstone on the ground floor, driven by the movement of the large wheel, moved by the water that fell from the inclined plane. The channels and manhole covers that allowed to regulate or interrupt the flow of water are still visible.

Now, almost 60 years after the closing of the last mill, together Molino Maufet , Molino Murgana , Molino Seregni , Molino Secrista and Latteria di Villatico have reopened a chapter of important local historical evidence.


It is possible to visit the ancient and suggestive village of mills choosing between two itineraries, both suitable for young and old and well marked (maps with details and contacts in A5 format available free of charge by writing to info@molinomaufet.com):

1. Direct route between the mills (1.5 km outward + 1.5 km return; total height difference + 200m / -200m - Follow the brown tourist road signs - one part is unpaved). Church of San Bernardino -> Molino Secrista -> Dairy of Villatico -> Molino Maufet -> Molino Seregni -> Molino Murgana;

2. Path CAI Molini Ring Path - 1B (1.5 km outward + 1.5 km return; total height difference + 200m / -200m - Follow the CAI "Anello Molini" signs - almost entirely unpaved). Church of San Bernardino -> Secrista Mill -> Villatico Dairy -> Molino Maufet -> Molini CAI Ring -> Ancient Votive Chapel -> Molino Murgana -> Molino Seregni -> return.

The Path of the Mills is an ancient path .. it has recently been reopened and is kept clean only by volunteers .. it is available to everyone and it is really a pleasant walk .. anyone wishing to contribute by dedicating a few hours of their time to help can write at info@molinomaufet.com or alternatively contact +39 366 7404948 . We ask at the same time, on behalf of all the owners of the Molini, a little patience in these early days in case the conditions were not always perfect .. until recently the track had turned into a wood and only the continuous passage of people and the systematic cleaning of the vegetation will make it "permanent" again in an autonomous way. * Maintenance carried out June 2021 | Trail in good condition

NB. The mills can also be visited internally subject to the owners' availability and booking (info@molinomaufet.com or +39 366 7404948). Both routes as indicated are suitable for everyone, but for strollers only in the San Bernardino Church - Molino Maufet sections. Alternatively, from Molino Maufet you can reach the other Molini by walking along Via Fontanedo or by car following the brown tourist road signs.

A picnic area equipped with tables and water is available in Robustello in front of Molino Murgana. * Maintenance carried out June 2021. Alternatively, it is possible to have a picnic near the Torre di Fontanedo.   We ask everyone to respect the green and not to abandon waste.


From Molino Murgana it is possible to continue and easily reach the charming village of Fontanedo , the first settlement of Colico, in a few minutes, following the CAI signs for "Anello di Fontanedo ". Starting from 2 June 2019 it is also possible to visit the ancient and panoramic Torre di Fontanedo just restored and managed by the White War Museum ( Forte Montecchio Nord and Forte di Fuentes ). On Saturday 1 May 2021, the Torre di Fontanedo reopened and will be open to visitors from 10.00 to 17.00. Reservations are required by writing to: info@fortemontecchionord.it.

Also on Saturday 1 May 2021 the Montecchio Nord and Fuentes Forts reopened. They will be open from 10am to 5pm. Reservations for the Montecchio Fort are compulsory by writing to: info@fortemontecchionord.it, while for the Fort of Fuentes, being an archaeological park and not a museum, it is not necessary. The complete 2021 calendars with opening days, hours and contacts are available in the links below.

It is a beautiful medieval tower built in 1357 by Barnabò Visconti who helped to warn the local populations of possible invasions from the lake and from the land. It was redeveloped during the period of Spanish domination remaining active until the 18th century in the defensive complex that was headed by Fuentes.

The Tower can only be reached on foot:

📍 from the Wayfarer's Path;
📍from the Robustello area;
📍 along the itinerary of the Molini “Anello Molini CAI” which starts from the Church of San Bernardino di Villatico. Once in front of Molino Murgana it is in fact possible to continue on the "CAI Ring of Fontanedo" .. and, in a few minutes on foot, to visit the village of Fontanedo and the magnificent Tower, discovering, with a breathtaking view of the lake, another piece of history .. where everything for the Molini and Colico began ..