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The French flag hidden behind numerous layers of plaster. 

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Stazione Davis Vantage 2

It seems that for a certain amount of time the Sciucco family hosted skilled French artisans specialized in the manufacture of the famous stone millstones of "La Fertè"

Stazione Davis Vantage 2

Cross-section of the family activity of that era 

Stazione Davis Vantage 2

Internal view of the mill

- THE M O LINEN  -  


The searches  on the origins of Molino Maufet  they project our minds into the imagination of those who have succeeded, .. of those who have handed down an art often unknown to us out of duty and perhaps even for a pinch of passion.   Three centuries separate us and inevitably see us  involved in beauty and in the responsibility of handing down. 

Molino Maufet: over two and a half centuries, a mill and two families ..

Sciucchi (Sciucco) and Mazzina

It was February 24, 1826 when the Sciucchi family decided to sell the eighteenth-century pile to keep only the mill. In 1875 the property belonged to Michele Mazzina, son of Giovanni Battista Mazzina, who died a few years earlier .. however, as often happened a woman, Marta Mazzina was managing it while awaiting the appointment of the heirs.


It was January 16, 1888 when the succession between Giovanni Battista Sciucchi (son of Giuseppe Sciucchi), Vitale Sciucchi (son of Giovanni Battista Sciucchi), his sister Giovanna Sciucchi, Ancilla Mazzina (daughter of Lorenzo Mazzina) was opened on a snowy winter day. ) and Battista Bordoli (son of Pietro Bordoli). About ten years pass when, all agree, on August 19th 1896 Giovannina becomes the sole owner of the mill. Shortly thereafter she will lose her husband Eugenio Battista Mazzina, while her father will die in 1918.

After a whole life, Giovannina (Sciucchi), the backbone of the life of the mill, died on March 26, 1941 and bequeathed it to her two sons Ernesto and Giovanni Mazzina, 61 and 59 years old respectively, "the Maufets" .. two very different characters yet so complementary .. enterprising one (able to send his brother on foot from Villatico to Delebio to Gino Dell'Oca's carpentry just to know how much a new wheel would cost him in the 1950s!) .. shy and shy the other .. With their cart they delivered flour to all the hamlets of Colico .. and their days passed between the hard work at the mill, the hearth and calling the children who enjoyed playing near the wheel on the canal ..

Ernesto .. "L'Ernestin" .. has left, in all those who remember it, the image of a man of few words .. who loved to warm up with his stool in front of the fireplace .. in a mill made of thick walls in stone, an earthen floor and creaking boards .. a roof of nailed boards.

It is a very cold 11th December 1960, when, with the disappearance of the last Miller .. the time on the old alarm clock of the mill stops .. for 57 very long years .. until it reaches us ..

We are sure that it is a piece of history that has remained in the hearts of many .. we will be grateful to all those who will help us, among other things, to reconstruct the belonging of the initials imprinted on the stone of the architrave ..

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