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Mill Hub


To be appreciated, it is essential to be able to reach an audience, the widest possible.
For this we have devised a formula that will allow you to achieve all this ...
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Mill Hub Animo Creativo .. what is it ??
Mill Hub stands for incubator .. a real modern "Renaissance workshop"
and in some ways futurist,
An active and dynamic environment ... where you can put your idea to the test
and above all show it to others ..

Soon available

And if it works? ..
And if it works and has the chance to become something more than a simple test, in fact it is already something .. that small step forward or chance that all in all we deserve and which it is right to take possession of.
Ok, but specifically?
    Everything goes well with the Molino .. ancient creature, full of charm and history .. but history is not a memory or at least we do not like to interpret it as such, nor to be nostalgic. It would be an understatement right? ..
Instead, we like to realize that nothing would exist if there was not a present and above all a future!
Your and our future fully dressed in the fabric of enthusiasm
yeah, that's right ..
So if the Molino had spaces, we decided to make one of them available to art.
But how ?
Well simple, .. we have specially equipped the ancient stone vault, entirely recovered from the ruins of the historic building and we intended it as an exhibition space.
not only..
if you wish .. you will also be Online !! We have created a digital exhibition just for you.
You can introduce yourself, make yourself known and, with the help of a "ready to use" platform, give you an opportunity and an immediate window on the web.
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See who exhibits this month ..
go to his Gallery
Want to know more about Mill Hub? ..
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Welcome to the Molino Maufet, an ancient mill in modern times!
Material space

An artist by profession or by passion, she works hard and believes in what she is doing, but not infrequently, one of the most common obstacles can be summed up in one word .. lack of space.

If today you didn't have or thought you couldn't aspire to a space at your disposal through which you can give visibility to your works .. well, now there is: it's Mill Hub.

Would you like to expose your ideas with images or works you want to share? .. this small place, in its simplicity, is well suited to being an exhibition laboratory. You understood well !

The basic concept is to give you the opportunity to have a protected environment, a space dedicated to you, also suitable for discussing your ideas and projects, giving you the desired visibility.
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Virtual space
To exhibit your paintings, your photos or your works online, simply register for free in our Virtual Art Gallery through this simple registration form after which we will contact you directly.
You will be able to publish for free all the works you want, your biography, your curriculum vitae, your personal data, the criticism of your works, news, videos, a link to your website and receive comments or "likes" from part of the users.
Getting online is quick and easy, we'll take care of it!
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The photos and other data entered can be modified or deleted at any time, just write to us ..
We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible and satisfy your requests.
Publishing is easy, fast and free .. we'll take care of it; just sign up using the appropriate form and we will contact you. At this point you will be ready to send us what you want and share your creative vein with Il Molino!
Image by Samuel Castro
Image by Valeria Strogoteanu
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Pittura Fuori
Paint Colors
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To register, please fill in the information below.

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See who exhibits this month ..
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