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Antica ruota in legno Molino Maufet


We started from a single little clue .. a piece of torn paper ..

It was the year 1956, the 8th of October .. and our miller Ernesto Mazzina paid a down payment of 60,000 lire (a considerable amount at the time) for the supply of the new external wheel of the Mulino "Mazzina Ernesto" to the carpenter "Gino Dell’Oca..

61 years have passed and yet with a little research, we were lucky and we managed to find Giorgio, the son of Mr. Gino, who still has the carpentry even though now deals with packaging .. He had only a few months when his dad craftsman has made that majestic wheel 3 meters in diameter, a pride for him, his family and his country, Delebio (Contrada Batistinai) that still remember with emotion ..!

Tassello after piece, with patience and respect, we try to give back a name, a face and new light to the parts of the mill .. which we rediscover made above all of .. people and hard work ..

Acconto realizzazione ruota in legno Molino Maufet
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