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It is precisely the existence of several measurement points that allows to deepen the knowledge of the climate of a territory in its infinite facets.

Those same factors that .. ultimately, influence the daily life of all the species living in the environment with which they live together.
The denser the network of measurement points, the more detailed the scale of the topoclimate and microclimate can be.

In the context of the restoration, Molino Maufet also wanted to contribute starting from February 2018, equipping itself with its own survey station.




Location: Colico (Loc. Villatico - Lake Como)

Latitude: 46 ° 07 '37.61 "N

Longitude: 9 ° 22 '40.68 "E

Altitude: 310 mt




Ground clearance: 10 meters

Shielding: Passive Screen

Type: Semi-Urban

Location Type: Roof

Ventilation: Davis Day Time Kit (daytime ventilation)

Hours of sunshine in winter: From sunrise to sunset

Sunny hours in summer: From sunrise to sunset




Davis Vantage Pro 2 wireless mod. 6152 with thermohygrometer, rain gauge, anenometer.





Colico's climate is classified as warm and temperate. There is more rainfall in the winter than in the summer. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Csb. It enjoys an average temperature around 12.3 ° C. and the average annual rainfall is 1561 mm .

When the driest month and the wettest month are compared, the former has a difference in precipitation of 311 mm compared to the latter. Throughout the year, temperatures vary by 9.8 ° C.

The driest month is February, with 58 mm of rainfall. In July, most of the rainfall fell, with an average of 369 mm.

Stazione Davis Vantage 2

In the picture the Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station 

Radar meteo

The Swiss Weather Radar Network

 How to Read a Meteo Chart

Maps of analysis and forecast of the wind referred to 10 meters above the ground over Italy, of the geopotential (height of an isobaric surface) and of the temperature relative to the baric level of 500 hPa typical of the average troposphere, of the ground pressure and of the temperature are displayed. of the air at the baric level of 850 hPa typical of the lower troposphere, of the relative humidity at the baric level of 700 hPa with superimposed areas of vorticity (positive or negative) at the baric level of 500 hPa and the maps relating to the forecast of the fronts. The update is daily around 08 UTC (3 UTC for the front forecast maps).

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