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What more beautiful way to bring back to life this mill that has accompanied life of many people over the centuries ..? Surround us with friends who want a break from the frenzy, a return to basics even if with feet firmly planted in our age, to stop and listen to the silent lost sounds and forgotten perfumens .. We are waiting for you, from today it will be possible to stay in the Mill's Guesthouse ..!


The first two accommodation ready to welcome you are "Il Granaio" [The Grain] and "Casa Amalia" [Amalia's House] ..


We have often talked about the two Maufet brothers, but we never told you about Amalia ... and who was Amalia ..?


Amalia was born cradled by the vigorous flow of the Molino's water .. which bordered the garden .. or maybe it's better to call it "woodland" of the house where she lived for all her life with her parents .. and even after their disappeared ..


From his house with thick walls in stone he sees his beloved lake .. the smoking chimneys of Villatico .. and the bell tower of the Church of San Bernardino where she never failed to attend the religious functions, always ordered and composed ..


"Oh we children often wandered between the mill and the house of Missis Amalia .. we escape from the Maufet brothers scolding us when we played with the water of the wheels as they turned vigorously ... and bent us to peek through the laurel leaves of her hedge. What was beyond was a mixture of mystery and temptation that ignited the curiosity of all of us little ones ... you could hear the dogs barking .. some fluttering goose .. you could see tall and thick trees .. and this female figure dodges and lonely, but at the same time so inexplicably welcoming .. When she seen us, we immediately hid, but she approached us with sweetness and let us in .. how to say "in his kingdom" .. and then there was never a shortage of smile and lots of candy ..! "


She had also married .. but no one has ever managed to take her away from her places .. and from her house of a lifetime .. and in fact that has always been and still is for everyone .. the House of Amalia ..


.. to be continued ..

Il Granaio - Molino Maufet

Furnished with taste and attention and well organized, Il Granaio, a detached cottage, offers a cozy living room, a kitchen with a fireplace and a view of the large garden, a sleeping area consisting of a double bedroom and another smaller loft and a bathroom . It can accommodate up to 4 people and during your stay you can enjoy the large garden overlooking the big wheels of the Molino. Romantic for couples, magical and convenient location for families even with small children!

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